Glass Ampoule Production

For more than 40 years since its establishment, Lumica Corporation has been introducing new products with its unique ampoule manufacturing technology.

”Glow sticks”, the chemically generated light that does not use electricity and does not emit heat.
”Detection kit” for easy handling of various chemicals.
”Fragrance diffuser” that encapsulate fragrance in glass vials.
”Gas-generating stick” that generates gas through a chemical reaction., etc.

Our ampoule production technology is among the best in the world in terms of quality, variety, low cost, and production capacity.
We believe that our technology can be applied to various fields and deployed in product and market development.

Mechanism of chemiluminescence

When you bend the plastic tube, the glass ampoule inside the tube breaks, and the two chemical solutions mix together, and begin to glow through a chemical reaction.
Chemiluminescent light is called “cold light” as they do not produce heat.
The chemicals inside are not toxic.

Materials and Ingredients

・Plastic tube
Polyethylene resin or polypropylene resin
・Glass ampoule
Borosilicate glass
・Oxidizing solution (activator)
Ester solvents (approx. 75% of total oxidizing solution)
Alcohols (approx. 20% of total oxidizing solution)
Hydrogen peroxide (approx. 5% of total oxidizing solution)
Salicylates (1/100,000 gram per bracelet)
・Fluorescent solution (fluorescer)
Ester solvent (approx. 92% of total fluorescent solution)
Oxalate (about 8% of total fluorescent solution)
Fluorescent dye (1% or less)

Our Glass Ampoule

・Homogeneous, high quality glass
Our glass ampoules are made of high-quality BS glass (borosilicate glass). Compared to ordinary glass, BS glass is stronger and therefore ampoules can be thinner and more homogeneous. Also, there is almost no elution of alkaline components, which is often seen with impure glass.
・Variety of sizes
Can be manufactured in cylindrical shapes from 1 to 10 mm in diameter and 15 to 300 mm in length.
・Flexible filling volume
The ampoule can be filled in a wide range of volumes, from a minimum of several microliters to more than a tens of milliliters. The maximum error in the amount of liquid to be filled is within a few percent (the error depends on the ampule size).
・No pinholes
Our proprietary inspection system ensures that no ampoules leak during shipment.
・Reasonable price
Produced in our own factory in Dalian, China.
・Contents are easily released by breaking the ampoule
Breaking a glass ampoule releases the liquid sealed inside. The glass ampoule is generally double-layered with a plastic covering (tube) on the outside to prevent direct contact with the glass.

Examples of products using glass ampoule technology

・Used for items that should be kept in a high barrier container until just before use.
・Use when you want to mix two or more substances just before use.
・For easy to use kit for the substances that are difficult to handle.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests or questions.

Easy Ampouler System – Ampoule Making Kit

This kit enables to seal a very small volume of liquids (µl level) into ampoule without using special instrument nor technique.

・Effectively used for preservation of very small amount samples, contamination-free preparative sampling, etc.
・Can be autoclaved and dry sterilized.
・Can be stored at -80°C.
・The Easy Ampouler System, consisting of a dedicated ampoule material glass tubes and a simple sealing device, supports your new product development and research and development.

・Glass ampoule material: Borosilicate glass (heat-resistant glass)
・Glass ampoule has been rinsed (JIS, A1 grade rinse water)
・Glass ampoules are not sterilized. Please treat them with your own sterilizer before use.
・Equipment and other specifications are subject to change without notice.