The interview article with our Chairman Shiro HARADA was published in the May 24, 2024 issue of NEWSWEEK INTERNATIONAL magazine and in the online news section of THE WORLDFOLIO.

The article “Japan Aims to Regain Past Glory Amid Global Shifts” in NEWSWEEK INTERNATIONAL highlights how Japanese companies, forced to compete with cheap mass-produced products, continue to strive with their technology, philosophy, and strategy.
Accordingly, Lumica, a pioneer in chemiluminescence, is introduced, along with its goals and prospects, and the path it has taken to expand its business into various fields through its innovative core technologies.
In particular, the development of ClO2 gas-generating sticks and the challenge of container-loadable houses are among the many fields in which Lumica has expanded its business.
Currently, we are focusing on the application of chemiluminescence to photoimmunotherapy. And furthermore, as a lighting innovator, we are actively involved in the SDGs.

This interview article is also available on the website of THE WORLDFOLIO, an overseas news agency affiliated with Newsweek. 


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